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“I support Daniel Friend for Utah House District 62. Daniel understands that the pressures on young adults today are drastically different than those faced by past generations. He knows that our district values compassion, equity, and justice, and he will represent those ideals in the House. Daniel works hard, has good ideas, and is willing to listen and learn from the people he serves. Daniel treats every person he encounters with deep respect. For all of these reasons, and more, I fully support Daniel Friend.”

Rachel Whipple, Provo City Council Member 

“I support Daniel Friend for Utah House because he will be a thoughtful, principled representative who will put families first and work to pass common-sense legislation that supports our community.” 

“Daniel Friend understands that teachers should not be paying for their classroom supplies, need higher pay, and education should be the state legislature’s number one priority. Vote for Daniel!”


Teri McCabe, MS, ATC
Provo City School Board, District 5
Hal Miller Photo

“Consider the decades-old scenario—a state confronts mounting crises while its political leaders dally.
Their ruse persists because of supermajority. Or consider the local equivalent: Because of supermajority, a member of the State House is repeatedly reelected but only tinkers at the edges of legislative merit. In both scenarios, critical needs remain unmet.
“To vote is essential. But voting to make a difference is preferred, especially in a time of rapid
deterioration. Supermajority has become a liability and is no longer a bulwark. The current crises
demand a thoughtful, incisive people’s representative—one who is alive to pressing needs and a forceful advocate of timely, farsighted solutions.
“In House District 62, my preferred vote is for Daniel Friend. Join me!”

Hal Miller, 
Former Provo City Council Member
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