Keeping up with Growing Demand

“Can I have a drink of water?”

That is one toddler question I’m almost always delighted to answer with a big “Yes!” And I hope I always can. But 2021’s drought has proven that our state—the second-driest in the nation—has a limited water supply. The Colorado River is being rationed. Lake Powell and the Great Salt Lake are at record lows. Yet here in Utah, we use more water per person than in any western state. And our population keeps growing, putting more demands on our limited supplies.

Unfortunately, our state legislature hasn’t done enough to conserve our scarce water. Some legislators are even proposing needless and expensive projects that would waste it. Utah is a desert, and it’s past time for our state legislature act like it. To ensure that our kids continue to have enough water, I propose that we:

Stop hiding the true cost of water behind property taxes, and show it on water bills instead, so that those who use more, pay more.

Incentivize farmers to produce crops that use less water.

Require all public urinals to be waterless and all other public toilets to be water-saving within three years, and provide assistance to businesses, landlords, and homeowners to make the switch.

Expand incentives for desert and native plant landscaping in medians, parking strips, and other public areas, as well as private businesses and homes.

Oppose costly and counterproductive proposals like the Lake Powell Pipeline or dredging Utah Lake.

If we make smart changes to our water use now, we can protect this vital resource for our kids and grandkids. Let’s make sure we can always answer the question, “Can I have a drink of water?” with a big, resounding “Yes!” A vote for Daniel Craig Friend is a vote for wise water conservation.


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